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I am tired of dead people!


Last night I went to a dinner of a local group of people in the town I live in.

I spent the night among 25 or so people who small talked, chit chatted about little to nothing, and sometimes stared as they were thinking of what next to talk about it. I am going to be blunt here. They were people who had no real life coming out of them. They were smart people, they had families they loved, they had good jobs, but they had no life.

They were boring. But here is the real kicker – they have no idea that they have no life. they are oblivious to the lack of life in them. they have been lulled into a deep sleep.

Now this wouldn’t get under my skin if it was just some random group of people every once in awhile. BUT

I live in an entire town of dead people and I see dead people all over the world. Zombies walking around pretending that they have a life.


As you can tell I am not a big fan of dead people. They just give me the heebbee jeebbees .

There is more to you and this world than death warmed over.