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The Founding Fathers

I just spent the week in Washington DC with my family. I was deeply struck with how forward thinking the founding fathers of America were. They were dreamers who took chances, lived big, and didn’t listen to the nay sayers around them. I think I would have liked them.

Let me remind you of Jefferson’s famous words – “All men are created equal, they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among these are life , liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

These words sound a lot like the declaration Jesus Christ made when he said that He came for the very purpose of making it possible for all men to live life abundantly.

There is a theme among great leaders and visionaries that we are not to settle for a life lived by default but we are to strive to live our Neverland.

I believe we all need to be reminded from time to time, and sometimes more often, to shake things up and go after the life we want.

What is your neverland?

Go get it!


The Tinkerbell Curse

tinkerbellSome of you may not know this but there are some who call me Peter Pan. Which I guess fits, since I help people find Neverland. And just like the Peter Pan of fame I too know Tinkerbell. That’s right she is alive and well and living in……. well we will keep her home a secret.

Now here’s the deal with Tink. If people don’t believe in her she dies. It is that simple. What you may not know is that if she were to ever stop believing in herself she would die almost instantly.

Why am I telling you all this? Because the same danger Tink faces we all face, just not as quick. You see, if you don’t believe in yourself then other won’t believe in you either. When that happens you begin a slow death. Just like those people I talked about in the last post.

You must believe in yourself at all costs. I mean really believe in your true authentic self. The self God dreamed up when He danced across your DNA.

If you don’t. If you begin to believe the pirate naysayers around you. You may just begin to die. You may be already in the middle of it but I hope not. Never the less there is hope.

Believe, Believe, Believe

I believe in you!

Freedom from a life of Hell Part 1

oasisOnce upon a time there was a beautiful oasis in the middle of a hot and dry desert. Inside the oasis lived a people who were very happy as they lived under the guidance of their wise leader. Within the oasis cool water flowed freely and there were many fountains and pools throughout. There was an abundance of food that grew quite easily with in the sanctuary of the oasis. This was the place to be.

One day someone who was new to the oasis community gazed out towards the hot, dry sands. As he pondered the peacefulness of where he was and the barrenness of the desert before him, he noticed many weary travelers who would see the oasis and then deliberately pass by it. This was very puzzling to the man as he knew the oasis was heaven compared to the hell of the desert.

The man sought out the wise leader of the oasis and asked him why the people pass by the oasis and don’t stop for water, food, and rest. The leader replied, “It is hard to believe, but those people are strangely in love with their dry heat and tiredness. The truth is they do not want anything to do with the heaven we offer here. They think we want to hurt them.”

This greatly perplexed the man and he asked the leader why they couldn’t just find a way to explain the truth to these people.

The leader replied, “They are so obsessed with their own pain and struggle that they are no longer interested in explanations. In fact they actually have sand in their water bottles and they call it water while they complain that they are thirsty. Anything good that you put before them they will think is there to harm them. They live in a prison of their own identity. It is only once in a great while that one will take the chance to venture into the oasis and find rest”

The man was dumbfounded by the people’s foolishness and seeming willingness to pursue their own hell.

The Oasis is the neverland you and I were created to live in and out of. It is the life we were created for. Our purpose if you will.

The foolish travelers are most people in the world.

The Leader is the truth of our design.

Ponder this scenario for a day and tomorrow I will offer an explanation in part 2.