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Secret Dreamers

Most of us are secret dreamers. Most of us, in our hearts, yearn for lives that are sweeter and more succulent, juicier and more tender than the lives we have. It is one of the unspoken rules of civilized life that we keep our dreams secret.

Break out of the mold

You know there is more to you, more to your destiny. Stop pretending this is it.

Let go

There is much more to life than going through the motions, making a paycheck, and paying for the life you’ve created.

To find that “more”, however, we must be willing to wake up, come to, and come out of the anesthetic of a mindless life lived by default.


Dreaming of Neverland

Everyone dreams. The one thing that we all have in common is this elusive pursuit of Neverland—the place where we dream all things in our life are possible.  Sadly this magic place, erodes too quickly, and with it goes dreaming and belief in these dreams.  As children, we dream of success as we make plans to be a rock star, travel the world, marry the prince or princess, or walk on the moon.  As we sail through our life, somewhere we let go of the dream or merely settle into the known–what we call “real life” happens.

The truth is we all came with our own Neverland designed into our hearts – it is the rhythm that we were created to dance to.   When we lose our hearts we lose Neverland.  We settle for an okay life believing honestly that this is as good as it gets and that Neverland is just a dream for children – it’s not practical or realistic.  However, that is a lie.  God and the forces of creation want our success and designed you for that purpose. It isn’t a fairytale.

Redesigning New Year’s Resolutions


The hard truth is that most folks don’t realize their dreams or attract the life they want.

Many believe that it is because they lack consistency in their efforts. But they are wrong.

Did you know that guided missiles never go in a straight line? That’s right! Yet, they always hit their intended target because they are locked onto it. In fact if they consistently went in a straight line they would hit things other than their target.

When you try to force yourself into a straight line and/or are not locked onto a very specific target, then you end up hitting others things and people and that causes unnecessary pain to others and yourself.

The KEY to locking onto the right target is to forget about creating more goals in your life and lock onto the WHO that you want to be. Too often we go straight to the HOW without a clear target of who we want to be and who we were designed to be.

If you focus on the how and draft a glorious plan for the how and you are not crystal clear on the who, then your how will hit the wrong target time and time again.