Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

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Secret Dreamers

Most of us are secret dreamers. Most of us, in our hearts, yearn for lives that are sweeter and more succulent, juicier and more tender than the lives we have. It is one of the unspoken rules of civilized life that we keep our dreams secret.

Break out of the mold

You know there is more to you, more to your destiny. Stop pretending this is it.

Let go

There is much more to life than going through the motions, making a paycheck, and paying for the life you’ve created.

To find that “more”, however, we must be willing to wake up, come to, and come out of the anesthetic of a mindless life lived by default.


The future can really mess you up

What could you be?

Where could you go?

What amazing results could you bring into your life?

If only you could make all your potential a reality.

Focusing on the future and what could be can keep you stuck in a present you don’t like.  When you spend time thinking about what could be you are affirming that what could be isn’t in the NOW of your life.  As you wait for your potential to happen, you can become secure in the hope of what might be and never bring it into the now.

Your potential is always in the future, but what is in your present. Start there.  If you want to be who you really are rather than who you could be, then you must find out who you really are right now and not who you might be.

There is no need to dream in the future. Instead, dream in the now.

You are a glorious reflection of beauty right now. If you struggle to see it don’t worry, it’s still there.  Sometimes you just have a blindfold on that keeps you from seeing it. Maybe your blindfold is thinking about the future? Take it off and your destiny is right before you right now.