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Millions are crazy

Giving in is a good thing but millions give up.

Give in to your true self but don’t give up to self defeat.  Millions are unaware that they have totally given up. How do you tell a quitter? a quitter…..

  • Imagines he is normal when he is anything but.
  • Has crisis days because he doesn’t believe that all things can be for his good and that. his truth can turn anything that appears negative into a raging positive.
  • Fills her emptiness with trash. She doesn’t believe she is worth more.
  • Has learned to love his ill tempered nature.
  • Shades the truth when she explains her life.
  • Drives himself crazy with self defeating thoughts.

Don’t follow the example of these millions of crazy people. You don’t have too.

Give in to your truth that can make you whole and set you free. It is as easy to do as reading this blog post. Just let go and give in.

The Tinkerbell Curse

tinkerbellSome of you may not know this but there are some who call me Peter Pan. Which I guess fits, since I help people find Neverland. And just like the Peter Pan of fame I too know Tinkerbell. That’s right she is alive and well and living in……. well we will keep her home a secret.

Now here’s the deal with Tink. If people don’t believe in her she dies. It is that simple. What you may not know is that if she were to ever stop believing in herself she would die almost instantly.

Why am I telling you all this? Because the same danger Tink faces we all face, just not as quick. You see, if you don’t believe in yourself then other won’t believe in you either. When that happens you begin a slow death. Just like those people I talked about in the last post.

You must believe in yourself at all costs. I mean really believe in your true authentic self. The self God dreamed up when He danced across your DNA.

If you don’t. If you begin to believe the pirate naysayers around you. You may just begin to die. You may be already in the middle of it but I hope not. Never the less there is hope.

Believe, Believe, Believe

I believe in you!