Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

Finding Neverland

In response to a recent post, I was asked how to begin to find your design. I decided to respond through a public post.

Finding your design is an adventure worth undertaking. The truth of the matter is that to be ready to start this kind of adventure you must be willing to let go of your securities. The drive to find true success must be greater than the drive to be comfortable. When you have nothing to lose you gravitate to what’s true. The more you have to lose the more you are willing to settle to protect it. I talk to people all the time who really want to stop existing and find real success, but have not taken stock of the securities that they have built in their life to protect themselves from “reality”. Once your motivation surpasses your desire for comfort then you are ready to begin the journey.

Two essential ingredients to a successful journey to find your true success are: trusted friends who share the journey with you and a guide who is at least a little bit further along on the journey then you. While it is possible to go it alone, it is not advisable. There are too many dark moments when friends provide needed support and too many weak moments when a guide can keep you focused and on task. Then the next step is to just jump in.

Below, I have provided a brief outline of key stages in the journey that I use in my personal coaching and in my workshops to help people find their true success. I model it after a treasure hunt where you are looking for the underwater treasure that is your true success. We each have a treasure chest filled with true success. The problem is we often don’t realize we have it and if we do we don’t know what kind of key would unlock it.


Stage one: Getting Wet!

This is where you begin to acclimate yourself to the process of hearing your heart. This includes reframing how you see things like work, career, goals, and a job. It is re-learning to connect with your dreams and confronting the abstractions that take over your life. Finally, it includes beginning to generate ideas for what your true success looks like. This is a fun time of essentially getting used to the water and the idea of an adventure.


Stage two: Exploration.

Once you are acclimated it is time to get down to work and start searching for where your treasure might be and what it might look like. This is basically exploring all around your life to find clues to what your treasure looks like and where it might be. Once you find it you are ready to see what’s inside. This stage involves quieting your mind so you can train yourself to hear your heart once again.


Stage three: Designing the right key.

Only one key will fit your treasure chest and only you can design it. During this stage of the journey you narrow the focus of your life to your true success and the strengths you were designed with. Then you create goals to achieve your design and a map to guide you once you start living it. This is an important stage because without it you will eventually get lost or give up.


Stage four: Turning the lock.

This is where you create the supports necessary to live your design and start following the map you designed. After this you are in the middle of the journey and as Dory said in the movie, finding Nemo, you “just keep swimming”.

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A conversation with God at Easter

I love windows with a view,

Vistas spread out like a picnic blanket on a springtime lawn.

I want to see!


What do You see?

What do You treasure?

What makes Your heart flutter?


I fear we have been looking through the wrong window all this time.

Your treasure is surprising.


Colors so vibrant they give us goose bumps.

One who had nothing and has everything.

Strange freaks with alarming beauty.

The outcasts and strangers.

Your own glory revealed through the design of your kids.


Freedom, Love, Dancing, Love, Peace, Love, Creativity, Love, Order, Love, Crazy Faith, Love – the greatest of these is LOVE!


I know your heart sings when your kids love well.


You treasure me.

I am Your treasure.

How can this be true?

I don’t compare to You.

You could treasure anything.

You should treasure yourself.

You are the real treasure!


What was that?

Did I hear You right?

You made me with You in me?

I look like You?

You must be mistaken.

My eyes struggle to see through this window.


Change my vision.

I want to see Your view.

I want to see You in me.


You are worthy, You are breathtaking

I want to be Your beauty!

Got Kids? Know Kids? A child at heart?

I have to tell everyone about the blog – My Imagination.

If you have kids, or kids nearby, or people think of you as a kid then you will love this blog.

My wife has been a children’s specialist for years and a children’s author. I finally talked her into joining the blog o sphere. Every week she posts a new children’s story and they are wonderful and inspiring. (okay, I am a little biased but honestly she is good.)

Check it out and  let your imagination soar.

My imagination 

8 rules I live by

I have 8 rules or thoughts I focus on to keep me moving forward.

  1. Walk with God: This has to be first. I don’t go it alone on this amazing journey.
  2. Live and play in the moment: The past is history and the future doesn’t exist. Most stress and anxiety revolves around and is powered by our perceptions of either the past or the future. If I let those go, stress pretty much melts away.
  3. Play to win: Why even play if it isn’t to go all the way?
  4. Gratitude for everything: Everything that has happened in my life has brought me to the exact place I am, so I give thanks for it. Everything that is happening in the moment is my doing and, because I love myself andpractice forgiveness of myself, I am grateful for the wonder, the lessons, and the joy. Everything that will happen is the result of what I did in the present and will propel me further into the beauty of my design. That is definitely something to be grateful for.
  5. Trust my design and designer: The one who made me is perfect and the design is perfect. The more I live through that design the more joy, fun, success, and love I experience.
  6. Don’t beat yourself up: I am my own worst enemy. Let it go and relax. Forgiveness of self is one of the best things anyone can do to move forward.
  7. Risk vulnerability: I don’t want to hide behind some cleverly designed appearance. This isn’t always easy but the world craves authenticity.
  8. Expect the positive: In every moment I have the opportunity to chose what I expect next. Why would I choose to expect bad things? Plus, The energy I project attracts what comes down the line. You know the old saying that you reap what you sow? We’ll I want to sow the positive. Period!

Dark Chocalate M&Ms and Compromise


The other day I was at the grocery store and they were giving away packs of dark chocolate M&Ms.   Under ordinary circumstances where I had to pay for the candy I would have simply resisted. Even if they were severally discounted, I would have resisted. Not because I have anything against M&Ms, I don’t. In fact they are a wonderful candy.  It’s just that I know I want to guard how much junk I put into my body and I can normally resist those candy temptations. However, this time was different. I took the candy, ate it, and then wished I hadn’t.  Why did I allow something that I didn’t want and that wasn’t the best for me into my life? Simple – it was free!


What does life want from you?

abby paintToday, as my daughter and I were doing chalk drawings in our drive way, I finally surrendered to the truth that my 10 year old daughter is a way better artist than I am. Not because I am a bad artist but because she is so good. I use to pretend that I was pretty good but I can’t pretend anymore. I have learned drawing skills over the years and I really enjoy the design process, BUT my daughter was born with skills that naturally blow me away. She sees life differently.

She isn’t even aware of how good she is, she just does it.  It is part of her design. It is easy for her and she never has any anxiety about it.

You have a design! It is how you were meant to live your life. Life isn’t supposed to be hard or stressed fill. That’s a lie many have bought into.  When you tap into your design life begins to happen around you and you love it. you no longer have to force it.

When you live this way you have a quantum change in your life perception and you realize that  what is important is not what you want from life. Rather, it is what life wants from you. Your were designed to love life and give back to the world around you through your design. The world then gives back to you in direct proportion to what you have given out.  You can’t freely give back to the world until you understand how you were designed to do it. It also won’t be near as much fun.

Accelerate your life by discovering your design and living out of it.

The future can really mess you up

What could you be?

Where could you go?

What amazing results could you bring into your life?

If only you could make all your potential a reality.

Focusing on the future and what could be can keep you stuck in a present you don’t like.  When you spend time thinking about what could be you are affirming that what could be isn’t in the NOW of your life.  As you wait for your potential to happen, you can become secure in the hope of what might be and never bring it into the now.

Your potential is always in the future, but what is in your present. Start there.  If you want to be who you really are rather than who you could be, then you must find out who you really are right now and not who you might be.

There is no need to dream in the future. Instead, dream in the now.

You are a glorious reflection of beauty right now. If you struggle to see it don’t worry, it’s still there.  Sometimes you just have a blindfold on that keeps you from seeing it. Maybe your blindfold is thinking about the future? Take it off and your destiny is right before you right now.