Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

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If you would like to ask Craig a question or work with him privately then send him an e-mail at craig@uplevelstrategies.com or call him at 805-651-7124.


  John Williams wrote @

Hi Craig,

Good to speak with you today. Love the blog. My website is http://www.academicleadershipconsulting.com.

Best of luck in your upcoming opportunities!

  Dorothy Okatch wrote @

well… usual sob story… my life sucks right now.

I am 28 years old and find that in a year i attend or am invited to over 3 weddings of my friends. I go, when i do, with a smile but inside im jealous and depressed. I just got out of an on off relationship and i still want to ask the guy why he cant love or even be in a committed relationship with me. I want him back. why? i dont know. maybe i am afraid that i might never find anyone who can match up to that. he is the first i have dated who has a job and seems to have vision, but for some reason is afraid of falling in love with me.

And then, there is my small business which doesnt seem to be taking off the ground. it is stagnant. i think what it makes is not worth all my effort which is alot. not fair, i put my all in it and this business is one which is not meant to fail, really. i see my friend who copied my business idea doing even better than me at it. wow. it sucks.

Cant seem to get a scholarship to do my masters degree. my salary is reasonable but not enough to pay for fees. Funny, i see so many people able to afford it. so i think, why me? why me again.

i could go on and on and on. I really try to be positive but when i am, the next day something happens like my car breaks down, then i sit at home and think of all the negative. its the shallow non ambitious ladies who get all the luck in the world. i sometimes wish i was like them and then i would at least be happily married with children and not a single 28 year old who only has visions which seem hard to attain.

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