Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

A loss of perspective

Today I watched a bird get stuck in our pool enclosure screen.

When he couldn’t find his way out he became more frantic as he flew head on into the screen. I opened one of the doors very close to were he was but he didn’t even go close to it.  Instead he continue to fly into the screen in the corner he was in.

He didn’t have a true perspective of his situation. There was a wide open door for him to fly through and onto freedom, but he  didn’t see it.

How many times do we get stuck somewhere in our lives that we never expected and we continue to try to move forward by doing the same thing over and over?  There can be a wide open door to freedom just a few steps away yet we become frantic and don’t see it.

When we lose perspective and cannot seem to be able to get unstuck, we need to slow down and listen to other’s perspective. We need to stop doing what we naturally think will work and fly in a totally different direction.

If you are stuck or confused then relax, breathe, and fly in a different direction. change your perspective and you can see the open door.


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