Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

A conversation with God at Easter

I love windows with a view,

Vistas spread out like a picnic blanket on a springtime lawn.

I want to see!


What do You see?

What do You treasure?

What makes Your heart flutter?


I fear we have been looking through the wrong window all this time.

Your treasure is surprising.


Colors so vibrant they give us goose bumps.

One who had nothing and has everything.

Strange freaks with alarming beauty.

The outcasts and strangers.

Your own glory revealed through the design of your kids.


Freedom, Love, Dancing, Love, Peace, Love, Creativity, Love, Order, Love, Crazy Faith, Love – the greatest of these is LOVE!


I know your heart sings when your kids love well.


You treasure me.

I am Your treasure.

How can this be true?

I don’t compare to You.

You could treasure anything.

You should treasure yourself.

You are the real treasure!


What was that?

Did I hear You right?

You made me with You in me?

I look like You?

You must be mistaken.

My eyes struggle to see through this window.


Change my vision.

I want to see Your view.

I want to see You in me.


You are worthy, You are breathtaking

I want to be Your beauty!


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