Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

8 rules I live by

I have 8 rules or thoughts I focus on to keep me moving forward.

  1. Walk with God: This has to be first. I don’t go it alone on this amazing journey.
  2. Live and play in the moment: The past is history and the future doesn’t exist. Most stress and anxiety revolves around and is powered by our perceptions of either the past or the future. If I let those go, stress pretty much melts away.
  3. Play to win: Why even play if it isn’t to go all the way?
  4. Gratitude for everything: Everything that has happened in my life has brought me to the exact place I am, so I give thanks for it. Everything that is happening in the moment is my doing and, because I love myself andpractice forgiveness of myself, I am grateful for the wonder, the lessons, and the joy. Everything that will happen is the result of what I did in the present and will propel me further into the beauty of my design. That is definitely something to be grateful for.
  5. Trust my design and designer: The one who made me is perfect and the design is perfect. The more I live through that design the more joy, fun, success, and love I experience.
  6. Don’t beat yourself up: I am my own worst enemy. Let it go and relax. Forgiveness of self is one of the best things anyone can do to move forward.
  7. Risk vulnerability: I don’t want to hide behind some cleverly designed appearance. This isn’t always easy but the world craves authenticity.
  8. Expect the positive: In every moment I have the opportunity to chose what I expect next. Why would I choose to expect bad things? Plus, The energy I project attracts what comes down the line. You know the old saying that you reap what you sow? We’ll I want to sow the positive. Period!

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  pKay wrote @

I like rule number 2 in particular… Had to write a whole essay recently (exam) on the past/present/future.. Talked about how we need to live in the present and dont worry too much about the future…. and the past apart from ocassional glances should not be looked at too much..

Keep up the great work 🙂

(found u through clicking on random on the arrow thingy on the corner of wordpress)

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