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Dark Chocalate M&Ms and Compromise


The other day I was at the grocery store and they were giving away packs of dark chocolate M&Ms.   Under ordinary circumstances where I had to pay for the candy I would have simply resisted. Even if they were severally discounted, I would have resisted. Not because I have anything against M&Ms, I don’t. In fact they are a wonderful candy.  It’s just that I know I want to guard how much junk I put into my body and I can normally resist those candy temptations. However, this time was different. I took the candy, ate it, and then wished I hadn’t.  Why did I allow something that I didn’t want and that wasn’t the best for me into my life? Simple – it was free!



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  Brian Murray wrote @

I have often found the path of least reistance in my life is one that I took simply because I didn’t have to make an effort to follow it. I took certain paths simply because they were easy and available. The downside to that method is I wasn’t being true to myself. I am finding much more freedom, peace and joy from within following my own true self and investing in what is important to acheive my goals.

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