Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

What does life want from you?

abby paintToday, as my daughter and I were doing chalk drawings in our drive way, I finally surrendered to the truth that my 10 year old daughter is a way better artist than I am. Not because I am a bad artist but because she is so good. I use to pretend that I was pretty good but I can’t pretend anymore. I have learned drawing skills over the years and I really enjoy the design process, BUT my daughter was born with skills that naturally blow me away. She sees life differently.

She isn’t even aware of how good she is, she just does it.  It is part of her design. It is easy for her and she never has any anxiety about it.

You have a design! It is how you were meant to live your life. Life isn’t supposed to be hard or stressed fill. That’s a lie many have bought into.  When you tap into your design life begins to happen around you and you love it. you no longer have to force it.

When you live this way you have a quantum change in your life perception and you realize that  what is important is not what you want from life. Rather, it is what life wants from you. Your were designed to love life and give back to the world around you through your design. The world then gives back to you in direct proportion to what you have given out.  You can’t freely give back to the world until you understand how you were designed to do it. It also won’t be near as much fun.

Accelerate your life by discovering your design and living out of it.



  growlbert wrote @

I like the idea that life is not supposed to be hard or full of stress. But it can be so easy to get caught up in the commotion of life. I want to believe that I have a design, but how do I begin to find it?

  findyourneverland wrote @

Check out today’s post as it will help you with this great question.

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