Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

What do you expect?

Yesterday my son, Hunter (8), was in a very foul mood. I found him outside moping around with a look that said, “I might as well eat worms and die”. When I asked him about what was wrong, he gave me a long explanation about why his life stinks, and it can be summed up this way – Nothing good ever happens to me, My sister ruins my life and steals all my friends, and There is never anything to do.

Now that sounds bad, but what he seemed to forget, and you don’t know, is that he and his sister spent a couple of hours earlier in the day in a bubblepalooza. The entire back section of our pool deck was covered in very suddzy bubbles and so were both of the kids. They were laughing and playing and having a great time. So how did he go from bubble bliss to “I hate life” in such a short amount of time?

bubblesWell most of us do this from time to time. We have trained ourselves to deeply feel the things in our life that we perceive as negative and we quickly forget the joy. It is really just a matter of choice. Do we continue to precipitate the lie that parts of our lives are out of our control and there is nothing we can do about it, or do we choose to believe the truth that everything in our life is the result of the thoughts we think and the choices we make?

By training ourselves to gravitate toward the latter we guarantee that we can live a life we choose and desire. Rather than lament the past choices and thoughts that we feel are amiss, we can focus on the new thoughts and choices we make in every moment staring us in the face. You can’t be melancholy about the past and conscious in the present action at the same time. So let the negative perceptions go and decide to choose joy! It is a lot more fun, people will want to be around you more, and you will want to be around you more. It is a win win!


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