Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

Moving is essential to success.


It doesn’t matter what direction you are moving because it is easier to turn a car when it is moving then when it is still. Often we feel the weight of what it takes to change directions from a stand still and we project that feeling on the possibility that we might make a mistake in direction and have to change. However, that fear keeps us still and changing directions a mute point. In addition, when we think we are sitting still we are actually drifting further away from true success.


Purging is a great help in both getting moving and in staying in motion. When we don’t clean and purge the stuff of our lives we accumulate weights that bog us down and can either make it harder to start moving or can slow down our moving until we are at a stand still. Anything that you haven’t used or benefited from in 3-6 months is excess weight that will inhibit your success process. This includes beliefs, plans, desires, and philosophies.


Moving makes you feel alive, lets you see more ground so you have more resources to make decisions with, it enables you to meet more people so you improve your networking and people resources as well as community support, keeps you from dozing off so you stay more focused.

Want to guarantee that you will never succeed? Then, stay right where you are in life and wait for the right path to appear. Keep living your life the way you always have. Keep hanging out with the same friends. Keep building on the same habits. If you do this, I promise you will not have to worry about handling all the wonderful success and joy that is waiting for you over the next hill and around the next curve in the road.

Happy driving!


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