Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

5 ways to get help from God

  1. Know what to do with yourself: Most people have no idea what to do with their life. This is true even when they are busy doing nothing. they end up investing their life in meaningless activities and never go anywhere. Learn to listen to the truth whispering in your heart. Block out the noise and confusion of the life you have built. Then follow that truth even, and especially, when you are afraid to do so. God accompanies the one who continues to move forward even when afraid.
  2. Learn to shut up: Imagine someone who stops to ask for directions to the place she has always wanted to go. The person they ask tries to give them the information they need but the women never stops talking. She talks about how much she has always wanted to go to this place and begins to tell details about the place. She never hears the truth because she won’t shut up. People fail to get the life they seek because they prefer the momentary security of mental chatter to spiritual enlightenment. Be quiet and you will find God.
  3. Interrupt yourself: Here is an old spiritual exercise that always works. Interrupt your normal thoughts by becoming conscience of whatever it is you are doing in the moment. Don’t allow your mind to run a muck, rather, Become aware of your breathing, your talking, your drinking, or the moving of your arms or legs. Focus on the present of yourself and catch yourself in action. In these times you are seeing instead of acting and it is always good to look before you leap.
  4. God loves to help pretenders who want to stop pretending: People try to appear like the image they assume will cause others to accept them. In the process they lose themselves. People pretend they have it all together, that they are not scared, or that they are not hurt. They never leave the house with out a mask from their beautiful collection. Pretending is very harmful to you and those around you. It is paramount to the emptiness of a Styrofoam ball. Take a hammer to your mask collection and God will join in happily.
  5. Realize that an idea about God is not God at all: People have many ideas about God. These ideas are always derived from their fears and desires, even when they are unaware of this. When people pray they pray to their idea of God but not the real deal. An idea is never the object and therefore is powerless. Your thoughts about the moon are not the moon itself. God is real and exists in a reality above human thought and He interacts with our reality in His real way. If you desire God’s help then realize the limits of your ideas. Focus your thoughts on what you desire, have faith, and open up your hands freely.

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