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Pinewood Derby Winner!

derbyThis past Sunday my son took first place for all the wolf dens in the cub scout’s pinewood derby race in our city. Yes, I am proud and yes I am bragging. I bring it up because it was his first ever pinewood derby and we really didn’t know what to expect. When he won he looked like an excited puppy with a new toy. This was his first trophy ever and he was in love. He sat there staring at his trophy with wonder and pure bliss. He was delirious with joy.

Trophies and victories come and go in our lives. Their great when they come but then someone does it better or we learn of a bigger prize. Truth be told, bouncing from one victory to another is no way to live life. I am glad my son won and that I could share in his joy, but my desire is that he will learn to know the design of his heart. I want him to live his true vision daily so he can experience the bliss and abundance he was created for. So he can be a joy giver when he is winning and when he is not.

We were all designed to be winners, but not to the detriment of each other. Find your hope and know it well, love everything about you and then step out in complete faith in the hope you know.



  croneandbearit wrote @

your blog caught my attention as we used the same theme – then I started reading and Bravo! you have a lovely way with words – I look forward to reading more and hope you don’t mind if I subscribe?
linda @ croneandbearit.wordpress.com

  findyourneverland wrote @


Thanks for your kind words and would love to have you subscribe. what is your blog?

  croneandbearit wrote @

my blog is: croneandbearit – my feeble attempt at breaking the fear that what I document may come back to haunt me. come visit anytime -Linda

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