Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

Beginner’s Luck

luckHave you ever tried something you had never done before and the first attempt you were awesome? I mean you just knocked it out of the park. Most of us have had this experience and we call it beginner’s luck. Then our subsequent attempts fail like we predicted.

The truth is that the first time wasn’t luck or some random occurrence, it was all you in all your God given glory. It is what you could do every time if you really believed you could. You see, what happens is that first time we pursue the task or activity with abandon, without doubt, and without fear. We are not an expert so we don’t worry about looking like a fool. We don’t know enough about the given activity to know what to doubt or be afraid of. We are fueled by hope and void of fear. Then we succeed and it all changes.

Truth be told most of us have taught ourselves that we don’t amount to much and we have low opinions of ourself and of the work of the one who put us together. This is why we highlight the success as beginner’s luck. When we choose to allow ego, fear, and doubt to be the voices we listen to, we end up getting the corresponding results. Hence, we fail and our self fulfilling prophesy comes true.

REMEMBER: Nothing is random in our universe. The moon doesn’t one day randomly bounce off Venus and you don’t suddenly possess abilities that you never had. You do however, become aware of abilities that you never knew you had but possessed all the time.  Your thoughts and beliefs are the system that creates the results, so choose well.


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