Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

A dog’s eating habits

sunnyMy dog, Sunny, is a lab/huskey mix who loves to both play and eat, all the time. We have started to think he may even have a little goat in him. He eats anything and everything he can get his big paws on. (He is an accomplished counter surfer.)

He eats left overs, candy, buttons, wax paper, my daughter’s craft beads, and coffee. He loves his coffee. Now, don’t think we feed him this stuff, but he has a crafty way of getting anything that isn’t hidden away and looks or smells like it might possibly be food or food related. – Hey, he’s a dog looking to make his life better at every turn.

Just like us.

We are always putting stuff into our lives that we hope will make them better, playing roles that we hope will make us more acceptable, and successful. BUT just like Sunny, we often don’t really know what will really do the trick and what will make our lives what we dream they could be. We try so hard to get the right “stuff” and we get angry when someone tries to get it away from us. (Sunny does this too.)

Maybe we should trust our creator and clue into how he made us. Each one of us individually. Our Design! Maybe what you want in your heart or hearts is what you were made for. Maybe that quiet voice inside you that whispers that there is more to you, is right. Maybe you could just relax a little more and ignore what everyone is shouting to you that you need to be for them.

There is more and life doesn’t have to be a fight to get scraps.

The secret was placed in you at the beggining. Your Secret.



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