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Universal Energy Audio

Last Friday I did a tele seminar that was so wonderful that I decided to make it a post.

The Call is called Universal Energy and is worth millions to anyone who puts it into practice in their lives. I had so much fun and just had to share it with as many people as I can.

Have fun and let me know what your thinking.

Universal Energy

5 ways to get help from God

  1. Know what to do with yourself: Most people have no idea what to do with their life. This is true even when they are busy doing nothing. they end up investing their life in meaningless activities and never go anywhere. Learn to listen to the truth whispering in your heart. Block out the noise and confusion of the life you have built. Then follow that truth even, and especially, when you are afraid to do so. God accompanies the one who continues to move forward even when afraid.
  2. Learn to shut up: Imagine someone who stops to ask for directions to the place she has always wanted to go. The person they ask tries to give them the information they need but the women never stops talking. She talks about how much she has always wanted to go to this place and begins to tell details about the place. She never hears the truth because she won’t shut up. People fail to get the life they seek because they prefer the momentary security of mental chatter to spiritual enlightenment. Be quiet and you will find God.
  3. Interrupt yourself: Here is an old spiritual exercise that always works. Interrupt your normal thoughts by becoming conscience of whatever it is you are doing in the moment. Don’t allow your mind to run a muck, rather, Become aware of your breathing, your talking, your drinking, or the moving of your arms or legs. Focus on the present of yourself and catch yourself in action. In these times you are seeing instead of acting and it is always good to look before you leap.
  4. God loves to help pretenders who want to stop pretending: People try to appear like the image they assume will cause others to accept them. In the process they lose themselves. People pretend they have it all together, that they are not scared, or that they are not hurt. They never leave the house with out a mask from their beautiful collection. Pretending is very harmful to you and those around you. It is paramount to the emptiness of a Styrofoam ball. Take a hammer to your mask collection and God will join in happily.
  5. Realize that an idea about God is not God at all: People have many ideas about God. These ideas are always derived from their fears and desires, even when they are unaware of this. When people pray they pray to their idea of God but not the real deal. An idea is never the object and therefore is powerless. Your thoughts about the moon are not the moon itself. God is real and exists in a reality above human thought and He interacts with our reality in His real way. If you desire God’s help then realize the limits of your ideas. Focus your thoughts on what you desire, have faith, and open up your hands freely.

Cats and Dogs

Cats and DogsRegardless of where you fall on the cat/dog scale, they both have at least one thing in common. They receive love well.

Start scratching a dog and he rolls over to really let you make him feel good. He will let you scratch all day if you like. Gently rub a cat behind the ears and she begins to purr. Animals, by in large, know how to receive the good life.

We want the good life. We strive for the good life. BUT We wrestle with stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

There are 2 basic parts to getting the life you desire.

  1. Learning how to ask for exactly what you want. (We are trained to not do this)
  2. Learning to receive when the life we want comes to us.

Now it may seem like if the good life dropped on our door step, that we would welcome it in. However, the truth of the matter is that we often deflect it away. Opportunities present themselves and we see them as threats. Others desire to work with us and we compete. We pre-judge the future and assume ideas about those around us. Maybe we can learn from our pets and practice receiving. Maybe, the good life will come to you if, like my dog sunny, you approach every new moment with the expectation of the good that is coming your way.

Something to think about.

A spiritual journey

“We don’t know all the reasons that propel us on a spiritual journey; but somehow our life compels us to go. Something in us knows that we are not just here to toil at our work. There is a mysterious pull to remember” Jack Kornfield

BourneThis quote reminds me of the Bourne movie trilogy. If you haven’t watched the final one, then you may want to watch it before you read this post. I don’t want to spoil anything for you.

Jason Bourne spends most of his time knowing there is something more to him that he can’t seem to remember. He knows something that he can’t recall. Because of this he his led on a series of adventures where it seems everyone is out to kill him. He really isn’t sure who to trust because he really doesn’t know who he is. Therefore he spends his life trying to track down the people and circumstances that made him this way so he can understand what he can’t remember.

In the final scenes of the last movie Bourne finally finds the man who was there at the beginning, the man he thinks is responsible for making him the killing machine that he is. However, This man informs Bourne that nobody made his life this way, but rather that Jason chose this life. That he signed up for this mission and was enthusiastic even when the warnings and cautions were placed before him. He had to finally face the truth that who he is was what he chose for himself, even though he wasn’t aware of it. When He finally admits it, then he is free. When he stops being a victim of others, he can then choose to leave the Jason Bourne identity behind and become who he really is. (This movie is really worth re-watching.)

Most of us can relate to Jason Bourne in a few ways:

  • We know there is more to us but we struggle to remember what. We are secretly haunted by the pull for more that the above quote speaks about.
  • We often feel like life is our enemy, because we don’t really know who we are. Who can we really trust? What should we really do?
  • We spend lifetimes trying to track down the reasons, people, and circumstances that made us the way we are, so we can better understand.
  • We too must face the truth that nobody made us who we are, we chose who we are. Then and only then can we be truly free.
  • Once we own our choices, then we can choose to be who we really are.

The How is immaterial. It is the who you choose that counts. Own your story. Own your choices. Then choose the life you were destined to live.

Thoughts become things

Today I got a phone call and when I looked at the caller ID it said the name of a local movie rental gallery. What do you think my first thought was? CRAP! I bet we forgot to take a movie back and it is buried somewhere in our house.

When I said hello the cheery girl on the other end did not tell me about any movies that were late, but rather was just calling to offer us a free movie rental since we hadn’t used them in awhile.

My initial thought was negative and based on the past. Do you do this? Do you size a situation up or quickly judge a person or scenario based on past negatives? As you go through each day do you expect good or bad with each moment?

While I don’t always nail it, I have learned that there is actually more good and more abundance in our world than there is bad. However, We have been trained to see the negative. The news and TV train us, Marketing trains us to buy from a place of fear,some of our families trained us this way, and our schools train us this way.

We need to re-train ourselves to expect the good, dream the big dreams, plan out the big ideas, and take steps of faith with excitement. So let your anticipation roam free and your imagination take flight. What if what you thought about and expected in your life is actually what you have in your life? What if you could change your thoughts and there by change your reality?


Pinewood Derby Winner!

derbyThis past Sunday my son took first place for all the wolf dens in the cub scout’s pinewood derby race in our city. Yes, I am proud and yes I am bragging. I bring it up because it was his first ever pinewood derby and we really didn’t know what to expect. When he won he looked like an excited puppy with a new toy. This was his first trophy ever and he was in love. He sat there staring at his trophy with wonder and pure bliss. He was delirious with joy.

Trophies and victories come and go in our lives. Their great when they come but then someone does it better or we learn of a bigger prize. Truth be told, bouncing from one victory to another is no way to live life. I am glad my son won and that I could share in his joy, but my desire is that he will learn to know the design of his heart. I want him to live his true vision daily so he can experience the bliss and abundance he was created for. So he can be a joy giver when he is winning and when he is not.

We were all designed to be winners, but not to the detriment of each other. Find your hope and know it well, love everything about you and then step out in complete faith in the hope you know.

Dreaming of Neverland

Everyone dreams. The one thing that we all have in common is this elusive pursuit of Neverland—the place where we dream all things in our life are possible.  Sadly this magic place, erodes too quickly, and with it goes dreaming and belief in these dreams.  As children, we dream of success as we make plans to be a rock star, travel the world, marry the prince or princess, or walk on the moon.  As we sail through our life, somewhere we let go of the dream or merely settle into the known–what we call “real life” happens.

The truth is we all came with our own Neverland designed into our hearts – it is the rhythm that we were created to dance to.   When we lose our hearts we lose Neverland.  We settle for an okay life believing honestly that this is as good as it gets and that Neverland is just a dream for children – it’s not practical or realistic.  However, that is a lie.  God and the forces of creation want our success and designed you for that purpose. It isn’t a fairytale.