Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

Candy is GOOD!

candyAlthough Christmas isn’t really known as the candy holiday, it does have its share. The other day as I watched my kids with all their holiday candy I rembered a quote my son said this past Halloween. Hunter said, “There’s never too much candy, everybody loves candy.” He said this in response to my kidding of him that because he got so much pre-Halloween candy that we could skip Halloween.

The next morning as I made breakfast I watched him, for over a half an hour, sorting his candy and generally loving his candy. When he or any of us have something in our lives that we absolutely love, we have all the focus and joy we could ever need or want. “Candy”, is anything that we genuinely love, anything that our heart truly desires, anything that moves in rythm with our true design. Why then do we choose to surround ourselves with people, situations, jobs, and lives that we don’t enjoy and then complain that we want more joy in our life or that we need more focus and love?

My son is right. Candy is good and there is never too much. In 2008 we all need to be reminded that candy is good and that we deserve lots of it in our lives. In this new year, choose to get rid of what isn’t candy in your life and surround your self with a little more candy. Enjoy the life you were created to live!


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