Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

The journey of a transformed perspective

Today, I am trying something new. I have a link in this post to an audio of a song. This post is in response to and inspired by this song. I hope to begin to use more audio and video in my posts. Let me know your thoughts.

Please listen to the song first – It is called “Johnny’s Camaro” and it is by David Wilcox. You can listen here:


If it is taking too long to buffer then you can go directly with this link – Johnny’s Camaro
Johnny’s Camaro really isn’t the point is it? It represents the things we fixate on in our journeys as we try to find security and make sense of the path we happen to be on at the time. I love the way Laura has her reality transformed. She gets out of the box of her life, she leaves the path, she lets go of what she knows. And the reason why she does this really isn’t important. What matters is that she let herself go and submitted to the unknown of the journey.

Johnny just doesn’t get it!

When she returns from Africa, she sees differently. She feels differently. Her reality has been kicked up a notch. She didn’t need to go to Africa for some noble purpose or have her next steps all worked out, she just needed to go.

I have had many experiences just like this. When I was 12 I went to Haiti with my Dad. It changed me forever. My vision grew, my world expanded, and truth flooded in. When I got back to the states no one else really knew that anything had changed in me, but I did. Like getting glasses for the first time I saw living with a clarity I had never had before. Funny thing is that I did not want to go on this trip to Haiti with my Dad.

There are things you are resisting – STOP!

There are places you need to go – GO!

There is stuff you need to let go of – LET IT GO!

What you and I see on our journey at any given time is so limited, so open up yourself to reality you have yet to experience. What is over the next hill, behind the tree, or around the bend will blow you away. So let it and have some fun.

Laugh more, go more, relax more, forgive more, love more, and be way more curious.


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