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The secret reason for Christmas

It’s Christmas eve and I have spent a wonderful day with my kids and wife eating, watching movies, and playing in the pool. (We live in Florida) I have spent time today reflecting on the secret of Christmas that few really know.

This time of year most of us get religious to some degree, even if it is just singing about the birth of Christ in our Christmas songs. We talk and reflect about the glory of the birth of a savior and give gifts as symbolism of that one gift.

The birth of Christ is supposed to mean that one has come who paved the way for humans to be free from sin. But wait, this raises more questions than it answers.

If One came to give us freedom then why do we live as slaves to anxiety, stress, and each other’s opinions?

Why do we treat Christ as some moral law giver or worse yet, some sugar daddy that reaches down to us pitiful souls and carries us?

Did God really create us in His image or is that just something said to make us feel good about ourselves?


It is true that Christ came to be our savior and set us free, but there are details of that transaction that many miss. You and I are not made randomly to wander this earth in hopes of accidentally finding meaning. We were created with a very specific design that was well thought out and will give us all the meaning we can handle. For thousands of years our access to this design was veiled by what we call sin. This isn’t our lack of moral fortitude but a dark force meant to keep us confused and separated from the image of God we were designed to reflect. What we celebrate this time of year is that we no longer have to live confused, even though many of us do make this choice. We can practice forgiveness of ourselves and those around us, and start living the design we were made to live, and give up trying to be somebody we were never intended to be in the first place.

If you feel you are wandering or wondering, then know that you don’t have to. This Christmas start telling yourself the truth about who you really are and what you really desire. Admit that you are living a lie and don’t have the answer, and then do whatever it takes to find out who you were designed to be.


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