Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

The difference light makes


The most valuable and beautiful jewel in the world will appear valueless in a dark room. However, when you take it out into the sun the light will dance in and through the jewel – its value will make itself known all by itself.

This explains why many people don’t see the value in side themselves or the value of the truth that is already sitting in their hand. The darkness of their life hides the reality that is before them. They ignorantly think they have the only kind of life there is and submit to the anger and anxiety that results from it.

But, there is more. You already have it in your hand. You do not have to dance with anger or play with stress and confusion.

On the day you were created you were given a gift. It is your design. You were not designed for a lowly life of mental and emotional pain. You were designed to flourish as you give away the gift that is yours. And why not? You have plenty to go around. Get out of the shadows, run if you have to. The light will show you the way.


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  sexsultan wrote @

That is beautifully described Self-Value. Thank you 🙂

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