Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

Freedom from a life of Hell Part 2

You and I were created to reflect glory and live in abundance, yet most live as if they were designed to suffer.  The life of real truth can be right in front of our eyes and we are blind to it, or worse yet we run away from it. The childishness of the average adult is so hidden that if you were to see it all at once you would be overwhelmed and probably a little nauseated. Somebody complements us and we hear judgment, somebody else criticizes us and although it angers us on the surface, it feels strangely comforting. This is lunacy. Our inner soul is longing to break free of the chains that our habits and intellectual designs on life have placed on it. It was made for a higher existence. And not just in some future world, but now!

People everywhere are screaming for relief from the anxiety and emotional pain of their lives. The truth however is that they don’t mean a word of it. They say they want change but continue to act like they always have. They continue to hang around the same people. They continue to frequent the same social worlds. They continue to try to fix themselves in the same way as they always have, perplexed that it doesn’t work. When you are a slave to your life and you do not accept the truth that is offered, then you perversely have grown to love your slavery. The truth always sets one free!

You do not have to suffer. When you let go of your ego and all the habits and people that are attached to it and you admit that you are lost and need help, then help and heaven is right in front of you.


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  brewster wrote @

love your blogs. great encouragement and good marketing for your material. keep up the good work.

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