Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

Dangerous Safe Havens

ZoeIt is no secret by now that my 10 year old daughter loves cats. And our cats know it. It is a common scene for me to look into her room and find all 3 of our cats in there lounging around on bean bag chairs and pillows. They are always in her room. They don’t have to be in there. It isn’t where their food is kept. Yet, it is the precise place they choose to hang out. Why?

The cats know that her room is a safe haven where they are loved. The vibration of her room resonates with them.

You and I are not that much different from the cats in this regard. We naturally spend much of our time looking for safe havens. The new purchase that makes us feel good. The relationship that completes us. The job that fulfills us. The desire to be at home in this crazy world is not a bad desire. In fact we were created to live in abundance while we do the things we were created to do and love.

However, when our thinking is faulty, when the habits we developed are counter productive, then we chose dangerous safe havens. It would be like our cats choosing to hangout next to our large dog’s food bowl or in the box that holds his favorite toys. If they thought that was the place where they could find peace and safety, then they would live very stressful lives. Lives very much like most people.

You see, people do this. Their thinking is not accurate. Their thinking is guided by an ego that was trained by other people’s egos that did not think accurately. It is a dangerous cycle. People choose dangerous safe havens. Relationships and friendships that do not promote their true life design. Activities and organizations that do not support who they really are. Then they hang out in these “safe havens” and are frustrated because they can never seem to get a moments peace. Because life just doesn’t seem right. Duh!

Where are you hanging out that is a dangerous safe haven?


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