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Candy is GOOD!

candyAlthough Christmas isn’t really known as the candy holiday, it does have its share. The other day as I watched my kids with all their holiday candy I rembered a quote my son said this past Halloween. Hunter said, “There’s never too much candy, everybody loves candy.” He said this in response to my kidding of him that because he got so much pre-Halloween candy that we could skip Halloween.

The next morning as I made breakfast I watched him, for over a half an hour, sorting his candy and generally loving his candy. When he or any of us have something in our lives that we absolutely love, we have all the focus and joy we could ever need or want. “Candy”, is anything that we genuinely love, anything that our heart truly desires, anything that moves in rythm with our true design. Why then do we choose to surround ourselves with people, situations, jobs, and lives that we don’t enjoy and then complain that we want more joy in our life or that we need more focus and love?

My son is right. Candy is good and there is never too much. In 2008 we all need to be reminded that candy is good and that we deserve lots of it in our lives. In this new year, choose to get rid of what isn’t candy in your life and surround your self with a little more candy. Enjoy the life you were created to live!


The journey of a transformed perspective

Today, I am trying something new. I have a link in this post to an audio of a song. This post is in response to and inspired by this song. I hope to begin to use more audio and video in my posts. Let me know your thoughts.

Please listen to the song first – It is called “Johnny’s Camaro” and it is by David Wilcox. You can listen here:


If it is taking too long to buffer then you can go directly with this link – Johnny’s Camaro
Johnny’s Camaro really isn’t the point is it? It represents the things we fixate on in our journeys as we try to find security and make sense of the path we happen to be on at the time. I love the way Laura has her reality transformed. She gets out of the box of her life, she leaves the path, she lets go of what she knows. And the reason why she does this really isn’t important. What matters is that she let herself go and submitted to the unknown of the journey.

Johnny just doesn’t get it!

When she returns from Africa, she sees differently. She feels differently. Her reality has been kicked up a notch. She didn’t need to go to Africa for some noble purpose or have her next steps all worked out, she just needed to go.

I have had many experiences just like this. When I was 12 I went to Haiti with my Dad. It changed me forever. My vision grew, my world expanded, and truth flooded in. When I got back to the states no one else really knew that anything had changed in me, but I did. Like getting glasses for the first time I saw living with a clarity I had never had before. Funny thing is that I did not want to go on this trip to Haiti with my Dad.

There are things you are resisting – STOP!

There are places you need to go – GO!

There is stuff you need to let go of – LET IT GO!

What you and I see on our journey at any given time is so limited, so open up yourself to reality you have yet to experience. What is over the next hill, behind the tree, or around the bend will blow you away. So let it and have some fun.

Laugh more, go more, relax more, forgive more, love more, and be way more curious.

The secret reason for Christmas

It’s Christmas eve and I have spent a wonderful day with my kids and wife eating, watching movies, and playing in the pool. (We live in Florida) I have spent time today reflecting on the secret of Christmas that few really know.

This time of year most of us get religious to some degree, even if it is just singing about the birth of Christ in our Christmas songs. We talk and reflect about the glory of the birth of a savior and give gifts as symbolism of that one gift.

The birth of Christ is supposed to mean that one has come who paved the way for humans to be free from sin. But wait, this raises more questions than it answers.

If One came to give us freedom then why do we live as slaves to anxiety, stress, and each other’s opinions?

Why do we treat Christ as some moral law giver or worse yet, some sugar daddy that reaches down to us pitiful souls and carries us?

Did God really create us in His image or is that just something said to make us feel good about ourselves?


It is true that Christ came to be our savior and set us free, but there are details of that transaction that many miss. You and I are not made randomly to wander this earth in hopes of accidentally finding meaning. We were created with a very specific design that was well thought out and will give us all the meaning we can handle. For thousands of years our access to this design was veiled by what we call sin. This isn’t our lack of moral fortitude but a dark force meant to keep us confused and separated from the image of God we were designed to reflect. What we celebrate this time of year is that we no longer have to live confused, even though many of us do make this choice. We can practice forgiveness of ourselves and those around us, and start living the design we were made to live, and give up trying to be somebody we were never intended to be in the first place.

If you feel you are wandering or wondering, then know that you don’t have to. This Christmas start telling yourself the truth about who you really are and what you really desire. Admit that you are living a lie and don’t have the answer, and then do whatever it takes to find out who you were designed to be.

The difference light makes


The most valuable and beautiful jewel in the world will appear valueless in a dark room. However, when you take it out into the sun the light will dance in and through the jewel – its value will make itself known all by itself.

This explains why many people don’t see the value in side themselves or the value of the truth that is already sitting in their hand. The darkness of their life hides the reality that is before them. They ignorantly think they have the only kind of life there is and submit to the anger and anxiety that results from it.

But, there is more. You already have it in your hand. You do not have to dance with anger or play with stress and confusion.

On the day you were created you were given a gift. It is your design. You were not designed for a lowly life of mental and emotional pain. You were designed to flourish as you give away the gift that is yours. And why not? You have plenty to go around. Get out of the shadows, run if you have to. The light will show you the way.

Forget Worry


If you had no worries, who would you be?

Does this worry you?

The truth is that worry comforts you. That is why you chose to worry. Your anxiety supplies you with a comforting idea of who you are. You are someone with problems, but at least you are someone.

Don’t be fooled.

Worry is a fraud and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The worried and anxious self that you have come to know is not who you are. It is a cheap imitation with no real foundation. Did you know that you bring worry into existence, you create it. Then once it is here it takes on a life of its own and you can’t get rid of it.

Maybe the creator should start making something else!

Forget about self worry and start creating self certainty.

Find out who you really are.

Reiki Energy

Reiki Energy

I have talk before, and will talk again, about the secret to getting more in your life being actually letting go of what you presently hold onto. I want to talk briefly about something new I have been blessed to receive into my life.

I have always believed that there is one power in the universe, being God, and that all life and all that is flows from and because of that power. However, for many years I did not understand about the energy of our lives and the matter that is all around us.

The truth is that all things are vibrating energy all the time and we can actually harness that energy for our benefit. I think this is very cool and it only serves to underscore the beauty of the existence we have been created in. In my past ignorance I believed that this energy and working with it was somehow against God or counter productive to our purpose here on this planet. Looking back I see how silly this was, yet at the time this belief was strong and clouded my mind from actually opening to explore this part of our beautiful world.

Over the last 2-3 years I slowly began to open up like a flower, who is stretching into the warmth of the sun. The more I have been willing to let go of the more I have received.

Recently I have been blessed to receive an understanding of what is called Reiki energy. Now, this really isn’t a different energy from the energy that flows through our world and time and space, but it is really a tool to access this energy for benefit. I have just finished the second of 3 levels of training and attunement with Reiki energy and it has literally opened up new levels of life to me. To be able to feel the vibration of the energy of life and creation pulsing in and around you is something else. To be able to lay your hands on another and share this energy for their benefit is wonderful. I believe that it is at the core of the love we are to be about in all aspects of our lives.

In addition I have discovered how harnessing this energy actually speeds up the life design process that I have been teaching to others. Our design gives us the direction and the energy gives the wind to blow the sails of our design where we desire to go.

I could keep going but I am going to shut up for now. Maybe I will share more later.

Set your aim higher

The Hell of our lives has a million little tricks to keep us down.  One of its favorite lies is to say that your good or bad moods are dependant on someone else’s actions or emotions towards you. It also tells you that depression and anxiety are caused by the conditions of your life. The truth is that you are nobodies victim and can have the life you desire if you so choose it and act accordingly.  Who you have taught yourself to be is the reason for what you feel. If you want to feel better and have a better life than stop choosing the life you have.