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The Secret isn’t what you think.


Shh, it’s about letting go


Success and fury

Fury and wealth

Making the neighbors

Think well of your girth


It’s about letting go


What’s the secret

What’s the plan

Oh, if only I had

Another hand


It’s about letting go


Look at us pinned

To this fertile ball

Trying so hard

To conquer the Fall


It’s about letting go



A catch 22

It can’t be right

To give it over to you


It’s about letting go


Blood, sweat, and tears

Went into this gain

I can’t give it up

You can’t imagine the pain


Let it go, let it go, please, let it go!


It isn’t worth what you may think

It enslaves you, limits you, holds you down

Keeps you from claiming

The treasure you’ve found


It’s about letting go


Come close my dear one

And I will whisper sweet

The magic you’ve been looking for

Is right there at your feet


It’s about letting go


You do not need to pretend anymore

You can remove the dress

Relax your grip; just let it flow

The law of more is less


Let it go

Let it go

Let it go