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A Dog’s Life

SunnyWe just got a new dog. He is a beautiful Labrador / Husky mix. To be honest he looks like a Lab with the beautiful blue eyes of a husky. He is also very big and is only about 18 months old, so he still has a little puppy in him. He is loads of fun and a great cuddler. He also has tons of energy. When we go out for walks I notice that he has never met a stranger and loves to explore every nook and cranny of the world he finds around him. He assumes everyone and everything was put on the earth to either play with him or love on him. And guess what? Usually that is exactly what happens. The vibrations he sends out are positive and attract the positives in others. That’s not a bad way to live.

Is your first thought when you start your day closer to “what is going to go wrong today” or “what new opportunity will I get today”? Scientifically speaking the energy we project through our thoughts and expectations largely determines what we attract into our lives. If we project fear, anxiety, and stress we find larger quantities of experiences that back those feelings up. If we project hope, love, and faith we find larger quantities of positive experiences that back those up.

So the question is simple – Do you want more fear, anxiety, and stress in your life or more hope, love, and faith?

It is all up to you – Make the choice and get the life you want!



  Skye wrote @


Has your dog bred before? Well We have a dog also and she looks exactly like that, but smaller.

We believe she is a husky/yellow lab because of her eyes. She is VERY lovable, and how can you resist those eyes? We were wondering if your dog was her Dad.

Skye(her name) came up to our house one day. No one could resist her eyes so everyone decided to keep her. We waited for people to claim her, in case she was someone else’s but she was never claimed. She lives here with us today, happy and hyper.



  findyourneverland wrote @

I don’t know if he has ever bred, but my best guess is no.
We got him from the animal shelter and he was already neutered. I understand happy and hyper.
I would love to see a pic.

  Skye wrote @

That’s very interesting, Skye looks excactly like him, but smaller. What is your dog’s name by the way? I was just so amazed when i typed in “Blue Eyes Lab” in Google, and this came up!

  susanne and david wrote @

we addopted a beatiful dog husky mix, exactly like yours, his name is Nil.

If yourecieve this e-mail, please let us know and we will send some more pixtures of him for ou to compare.

We would also like to get some more from yours


susanne and david

  findyourneverland wrote @

please send some pics to craigm970@yahoo.com

  Maggie wrote @

My dog, Daphne, looked exactly like your husky lab mix. I got her at a shelter in Brunswick, Maine back in 1998. Her name was “Casty” but we changed it. At the time, she was a little younger than 2 years old.

We have not gotten another since she was put down two Thanksgivings ago due to stomach cancer/tumor that made her lose weight and have trouble breathing.

I saved a pic of your dog to my desktop.

I will try to send you a pic of my Daphne.


  Skye (in NJ) wrote @

We adopted our Skye in April and she looks like your dog as well. We thought Husky/Collie but now doing a little research we are now thinking lab husky. I have photos on my blog of her.

Do you notice any unique personality quirks?

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