Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

The “reality” principle is a dangerous illusion fueled by fear.

The desire for a guarantee will dig a grave for your creative pursuits and your success.

We may not be born with instructions written on our hearts but we do have a direction written on our hearts.

Money, relationships, physical security, emotional security, – none of these fully satisfy or fulfill us. – -even faith, outside our true design,  leaves us wanting because the God we have faith in is meant o be reflected in us. When we are pursuing a false design, or none at all, we distort the reflection and it directly effects our faith and the fulfillment of it.

Our design and dream mechanism becomes clouded early in life. It is very much like putting a lawn mower away for the winter season and in the spring it doesn’t crank. It needs a tune up from a professional. If we left the lawn mower long enough we may believe that it would never start again.  However, once it begins to run and we smell the freshly mowed grass, we begin to remember that there is more to life than a run down and over grown lawn.  We begin to envision fresh flowers and manicured lawns.

If we let the lawn go long enough we lose this vision and become content at just pulling a few weeds here and there, if that.  This compromise is what often leads to the depression, anxiety, poor relationships, etc., that we struggle with.

Don’t give up just get your dream muscle a tune up.


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