Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

Scarcity and Abundance

Last week I witnessed a lady creating a huge disturbance in a local store because they had run out of the toilet paper that they had on special. She said she had called ahead and was supposed to be on the list.
I thought to myself, you have to get on a list for toilet paper? Now I must admit that I don’t know how much the savings to her would have been, but toilet paper is not a high priced commodity and the cap on potential savings has to be fairly low.
What struck me was the desperation and anger that this women was feeling. It was obvious that she lived her life from a belief of scarcity. There isn’t enough of life to go around so hold on to what’s yours tightly and fight to get even a little more. What this leads to is living life always trying to get. You can’t give from who you are when you believe life is scarce.


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