Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

Making life work?

From infancy, everyone sets out to make life work. We begin with crying as our chosen tool to get what we think we need and progress to elaborate games of pretending, compromise, the different “masks” we try on, body language, vocal inflections, those sad face eyes, and the list goes on. Does this really make life work? Are we really satisfied? Maybe the increased levels of anxiety and stress in our lives can answer that question.

I was thinking about the above the other day as I watched my 9 year old daughter with our cats. She loves cats, and we have 3 for her to love, coddle, and all around spoil. In her heart she has a pure desire to make their lives better, but she doesn’t yet understand what real love really looks like. She thinks her ideas for the cats will be what they absolutely love. In fact she informed me that today was the birthday for 2 of our cats who are sisters. She wants a cake, presents, a party, and basically the works. Can’t you just imagine the anticipation of the cats? She is always going to the store and using her hard earned allowance to buy things like cat condos and other feline goodies. She knows she is just going to make the cat’s day. However, most of the time the cats could care less. They don’t want to be stuck in the third floor of a cat condo. Cats by their very nature love to explore and discover on their own. As much as my daughter loves the cats, she doesn’t understand that real love is not forcing on another what she thinks they should like.

Lest we judge her too harshly, we all do the same thing. Okay, maybe we don’t do it with cats or other animals, but we do it with each other. We labor and try to force our lives into the box we think it belongs, and we do the same with those around us that we say we love. This really doesn’t work, does it?

Real love and real life is meant to be lived successfully out of our design and the design of others, not forced. Our lives are best lived as they flow organically out of who we were created to be. When we authentically live this way, we tend to attract others whose design complements ours. Then as we live ours and allow them the freedom to discover and live theirs, we find that life works as it was meant to. Forcing life or love is never the better way, but it is often the only way when you don’t know who you really are. Maybe it’s time to discover who you were designed to be?


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