Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

Life Design and the artist

If you do not believe that there is a unique design to your being you will never be truly successful. You will end up being tossed around by the waves of life without a true sense of who you are and direction from your life’s purpose. So regardless of what you believe about how we came about or our connection to the earth or some higher power we all have a unique design that holds the blue print of our true success. When you discover that blueprint for you, your art and your creations will be successful. If you create beautiful art and beautiful expressions and make lots of money and it is not flowing from your unique design, it will not matter how “successful” you are. You will always have a sense of discontent a sense of unsuccessfulness no matter what people think around you. Because true success as an artist must flow from your being and that is what will propel you from being a good artist to an exceptional artist.

As a creative person when you try to create outside of your flow you have problems, in fact we have even gone to celebrating the results of these creations as reflections of that struggle rather then fighting to create out of our unique flow. I know this well. For most of my life I tried to fit in to jobs and communities and ways of thinking that didn’t match my innate god given design. And when we do that we do one of two things. We either sell out and forfeit the very part of you that you love and you begin to devalue yourself more and more until eventually you can even lose yourself. Or we are constantly butting heads with whatever establishment is in charge of where you are trying to fit in to or create in. This in turn causes us a lot of internal stress. Usually the result is us going back and forth between the two and that is no way to live or create and it is definitely not going to breed a successful life. You must learn to live and create organically.

Living organically is not living organically out of your weaknesses which is so often how we paint it. We often just take who we are, who we have become based on all the crap that has happened in our lives and live organically from that. We often use the phrase, “This is who I am”. But it is who you are characterized by how you have devalued yourself and your weaknesses. Rather than living organically as a flow from your strengths, your design. Identifying the good heart in you and living from that is what produces the good art or the successful life.


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