Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

What do you do?

Yesterday as my son and were bobbing up and down in the pool he came up with a very hard game. He suggested we each take turns saying what our talents are. Seems easy and harmless right? Maybe for a seven year old.

He started with, “I can open the car door with my pinky finger”. Wow, I never thought of that one. Now it’s my turn. I say I can hit a golf ball almost straight up in the air. Score one for Dad. He said, “I can eat for a whole week without getting full”. I can’t disagree with that one. My turn again. I blank out. Surely I have more talents. Fast forward to the end. He beat the socks off me.

Why is it that a simple game of ‘say your talent’ can prove to be quite the feat for those of us slightly older than seven?. Now if we were to play a game of say, things I don’t do well, we would probably rock.

Sadly as we get older we are conditioned to see our short comings, or perceived failures, and we become blind to our talents. Take a day and every time you think something positive about yourself write it down. Also write down any negative thing you may think about yourself. Which list do you think would be longer?

I wonder if this is why life is harder than it really should be? Millions of people focusing on and therefore attracting the negative. Hmmm, think about it!


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