Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

Expecting the bad

I just read the introduction letter in a magazine where the publisher was saying goodbye and moving on. In her letter she was trying to stress how the little thing in life make a big difference and how thankful she was for the many little things in her life.  However, in her attempt to do this her openning paragraph really got my eye.

She said, “Alarm buzzes too early. Coffee pot overflows.  Hair doesn’t behave. Clothes have wrinkles. Keys are missing. Car’s out of gas.  and the day’s agenda is filled with futilities.” She follows this negative picture up by saying the one small kind deed or smile can change it all around.

What really stood out to me was her assumption that life has to be filled with rotten happenings and we must all join together in kindness to battle this great evil.

Wait a minute! I don’t want to wake up waiting for all that negative stuff to happen in my life and yours.  Do you? Is that really the intention of our existence? To merely exist and survive. To live by default as we try to make the best of our lives?

I think not!  We have more purpose and intention to our lives. We were designed to thrive in this world and not survive.  Try expecting your life to have meaning and look for opportunities to thrive. Have fun with who you are and share it with whomever you attract into your life.  Stop judging your life and others and anticipate the success of who you were designed to be.


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