Headed Nowhere Fast?

Stop following someone else’s map.

Secret Dreamers

Most of us are secret dreamers. Most of us, in our hearts, yearn for lives that are sweeter and more succulent, juicier and more tender than the lives we have. It is one of the unspoken rules of civilized life that we keep our dreams secret.

Break out of the mold

You know there is more to you, more to your destiny. Stop pretending this is it.

Let go

There is much more to life than going through the motions, making a paycheck, and paying for the life you’ve created.

To find that “more”, however, we must be willing to wake up, come to, and come out of the anesthetic of a mindless life lived by default.

A brain scientist watches her brain shut down

A friend sent me this very inspiring video, definitely worth
watching !!

“Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor
<http://www.ted.com/speakers/view/id/203> had an opportunity few
brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she
was having a massive stroke. As it happened — as she felt her
brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement,
understanding — she studied and remembered every moment. This is
a powerful story about how our brains define us and connect us to
the world and to one another. ”


A loss of perspective

Today I watched a bird get stuck in our pool enclosure screen.

When he couldn’t find his way out he became more frantic as he flew head on into the screen. I opened one of the doors very close to were he was but he didn’t even go close to it.  Instead he continue to fly into the screen in the corner he was in.

He didn’t have a true perspective of his situation. There was a wide open door for him to fly through and onto freedom, but he  didn’t see it.

How many times do we get stuck somewhere in our lives that we never expected and we continue to try to move forward by doing the same thing over and over?  There can be a wide open door to freedom just a few steps away yet we become frantic and don’t see it.

When we lose perspective and cannot seem to be able to get unstuck, we need to slow down and listen to other’s perspective. We need to stop doing what we naturally think will work and fly in a totally different direction.

If you are stuck or confused then relax, breathe, and fly in a different direction. change your perspective and you can see the open door.

The Founding Fathers

I just spent the week in Washington DC with my family. I was deeply struck with how forward thinking the founding fathers of America were. They were dreamers who took chances, lived big, and didn’t listen to the nay sayers around them. I think I would have liked them.

Let me remind you of Jefferson’s famous words – “All men are created equal, they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among these are life , liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

These words sound a lot like the declaration Jesus Christ made when he said that He came for the very purpose of making it possible for all men to live life abundantly.

There is a theme among great leaders and visionaries that we are not to settle for a life lived by default but we are to strive to live our Neverland.

I believe we all need to be reminded from time to time, and sometimes more often, to shake things up and go after the life we want.

What is your neverland?

Go get it!

Millions are crazy

Giving in is a good thing but millions give up.

Give in to your true self but don’t give up to self defeat.  Millions are unaware that they have totally given up. How do you tell a quitter? a quitter…..

  • Imagines he is normal when he is anything but.
  • Has crisis days because he doesn’t believe that all things can be for his good and that. his truth can turn anything that appears negative into a raging positive.
  • Fills her emptiness with trash. She doesn’t believe she is worth more.
  • Has learned to love his ill tempered nature.
  • Shades the truth when she explains her life.
  • Drives himself crazy with self defeating thoughts.

Don’t follow the example of these millions of crazy people. You don’t have too.

Give in to your truth that can make you whole and set you free. It is as easy to do as reading this blog post. Just let go and give in.

The Tinkerbell Curse

tinkerbellSome of you may not know this but there are some who call me Peter Pan. Which I guess fits, since I help people find Neverland. And just like the Peter Pan of fame I too know Tinkerbell. That’s right she is alive and well and living in……. well we will keep her home a secret.

Now here’s the deal with Tink. If people don’t believe in her she dies. It is that simple. What you may not know is that if she were to ever stop believing in herself she would die almost instantly.

Why am I telling you all this? Because the same danger Tink faces we all face, just not as quick. You see, if you don’t believe in yourself then other won’t believe in you either. When that happens you begin a slow death. Just like those people I talked about in the last post.

You must believe in yourself at all costs. I mean really believe in your true authentic self. The self God dreamed up when He danced across your DNA.

If you don’t. If you begin to believe the pirate naysayers around you. You may just begin to die. You may be already in the middle of it but I hope not. Never the less there is hope.

Believe, Believe, Believe

I believe in you!

I am tired of dead people!


Last night I went to a dinner of a local group of people in the town I live in.

I spent the night among 25 or so people who small talked, chit chatted about little to nothing, and sometimes stared as they were thinking of what next to talk about it. I am going to be blunt here. They were people who had no real life coming out of them. They were smart people, they had families they loved, they had good jobs, but they had no life.

They were boring. But here is the real kicker – they have no idea that they have no life. they are oblivious to the lack of life in them. they have been lulled into a deep sleep.

Now this wouldn’t get under my skin if it was just some random group of people every once in awhile. BUT

I live in an entire town of dead people and I see dead people all over the world. Zombies walking around pretending that they have a life.


As you can tell I am not a big fan of dead people. They just give me the heebbee jeebbees .

There is more to you and this world than death warmed over.